The network concept of SCUTIS makes it possible to bundle the know-how of many data protection specialists while one SCUTIS data protection specialist remains the central contact person.

Scutis Network

SCUTIS Network Concept

SCUTIS is a network of data protection specialists. Depending on their qualifications, they are deployed at our clients companies as external data protection officers or independent consultants. Due to the platform idea and the involvement of other specialists from related topics SCUTIS can serve all affected areas in the large cosmos of data protection.

Data protection officers

Specialists for data protection in information technology

Marketing professionals

Compliance Managers

Specialists for legally compliant handling of digital data (GoBD)


Become part of the SCUTIS network

We are expanding our network with qualified specialists from all areas of data protection. We look forward to hearing from you and to a possible cooperation.

Career at SCUTIS

SCUTIS supports your way to become a data protection officer. We are convinced that more and more well-trained data protection specialists will be demanded in the future. We support your training and certification as a data protection officer. At the same time you will work with our experienced data protection officers and continuously receive more responsibility. We and the entire SCUTIS network are at your side until your first mandate as appointed data protection officer and beyond.